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We are a full-service film & video production company.


 Based out of Atlantic Canada, Botsford Bros. has developed, edited and produced a full range of short films, feature films, corporate media packages and music videos.  

With all our years of experience, let us help you to realize your media goal.

See samples of our work and past projects:


The Process

1. Development

Our team will work with you to develop the synopsis, outline and the script.

Deciding exactly what story we want our script to tell is the key to a solid and successful video.
That’s true whether we’re working on a short film or a corporate TV spot.

2. Pre-Production

Projects come to life in pre-production.

This is where our experience comes into play. Our level of preparation is what makes our projects so strong:
Location scouting, shot lists, camera & lighting overheads, shooting schedules & professional casting.

3. Production

The director’s chair is set at the video village, cameras are ready to roll and the lights are sparked.
Make-up is done and the talent is in position.

“Quiet on the set, camera speed, sound speed, mark it, Action!”

4. Post-Production

Editors are a cross between technical perfectionists and creative artists. Their actions are precise down to a single frame,
yet they rely on intuition & feel to create a remarkable final cut.

Most of our post-production work is done in-house. However, we’ve got a network
of  freelancers with a wide range of skills with whom we can collaborate on special projects.

5. Distribution

Anything we produce needs distribution. From film, to music videos, to corporate art…
It’s important to establish the distribution strategy at the beginning,
especially when the medium can help shape the message.